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JJ Orthodontics


JJ Orthodontics reflects the image of an impeccable source of finest quality orthodontic products to the dental practitioner's world over. Indeed, it resulted as a total team effort of skilled and enterprising individuals with extensive experience in high class manufacturing techniques and distribution of value added orthodontic products to the orthodontists in a timely and effective manner.


JJ Orthodontics employs the most modern technologies to design and manufacture orthodontic products. As an orthodontic company of international standards, we are proud to develop dental products of high precision and superior quality. Our manufacturing area with special MIM facility enables us to offer high quality products at affordable prices, irrespective of the specifications or orthodontic concepts involved.


We are a FDA registered manufacturer and exporter of orthodontic products. Commitment to doctors and their satisfaction has always been a priority for JJ Orthodontics.


Extensive R & D efforts aids JJ Orthodontics in offering cutting edge dental products like MIM one piece brackets, dental braces & wires etc to the orthodontic world, under the OrthoX brand name.


JJ Orthodontics manufactures all its orthodontic products in India and are a well reputed company in the orthodontic industry. Currently, we are exporting dental supplies to 37 countries. We plan to market our products all over the world and would like to get expression of interest from distributors around the world.